How does EMDR work?

EMDR therapy is an integrative psychotherapy and uses a technique called bilateral stimulation (BLS) to repeatedly activate opposite sides of the brain. Therapists often use eye movements to facilitate the bilateral stimulation. 

EMDR seems to help the brain reprocess the trapped memories is such a way that normal information processing is resumed. Therapists often use EMDR to help clients uncover and process beliefs that developed as the result of major traumatic events or repeated relational trauma over the course of many years. For a more detailed explanation please visit EMDR Institute, Inc.

What does EMDR help?

EMDR had been originally established as helpful for PTSD, although it’s been proven useful for treatment in many other conditions, including but not limited to panic attacks, phobias, and others. 

None of the above symptoms or experiences seem to fit you?


Do you experience distressing reactions that appear to you, and perhaps to others, to be excessive given the circumstances? Do you tend to be highly emotional in response to certain triggers? Is there one or more dysfunctional belief that you believe about yourself that on an intellectual level you know is not true?

If so, you may still be a good candidate for EMDR.

Contact me today so we can schedule an appointment to see if EMDR might help you release what no longer serves you.