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I help perfectionist women surrender to their lives AND their joy.

This coaching program is for you if: 

  • You are not looking for long-term therapy, but want concrete strategies, with 1 on 1 support, in a brief 5 week format

  • You want every aspect of your life to be perfect, or at least look perfect, but inside you are tangled up in knots and miserable.

  • You want to control every aspect of your life to manage your anxiety, but your anxiety is off the charts. 

  • You are so busy being concerned about looking perfect that you miss out on so many parts of your life

  • You’ve tried spreadsheets and schedules and you are ruled by them, but you still feel like shit

  • You have tried to delegate tasks or give up control, but no one else can do it as well as you can

  • As much as you try, everything is FAR from perfect

  • You feel like an observer in your life, and cannot just be "in the moment"

  • You do it all because no one can do it to your standards, and you are utterly exhausted

You are EXHAUSTED AF,  your mind is constantly spinning, and things are STILL not perfect. 

This program will give you the tools you need to FINALLY find the peace you have been looking for and experience the JOY you have been missing. 

5 weeks to freedom...

You accept {and even embrace} the imperfection and can actually ENJOY.  You are untangled, untethered, and it feels SO F*ing good.

  •      You have a plan and can manage the parts of your life that are most meaningful, opening yourself up for more joy and less anxiety

  •      You have a blueprint and know exactly when to act and when to surrender.  You have room in your life for spontaneous joy and satisfaction

  • You know when to take action and when to surrender; your life is filled with more joy and less anxiety

  • You are comfortable and calm when things aren’t perfect and find that you can feel JOY even in those moments

  • You know what is important to you and that is what you focus on.  The rest, you surrender...It feels so freakin good.

Stop questioning, wondering, researching and join me!

Here's What I'm  offering...