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 If you think therapy with me may be a good fit for you, please contact me!! I absolutely welcome everyone who is motivated to see their life improved. This means that while I specialize in working with women; men and non-gender conforming individuals are welcome and encouraged!

Meet Deborah

Licensed Professional Counselor

Being a therapist doesn’t mean that we get to forego life’s trials and tribulations.

The reason why I love what I do?

I’ve been there.

I pride myself in creating an environment in which my clients can gain insight, reconnect with their true self, and align their lives with their priorities, values and goals.

While my training does allow me to work with a variety of mental health needs, I specialize in working with women and individuals suffering from trauma,

My approach to counseling is collaborative as I see myself as a support along your personal journey. I find great value in meditation and mindfulness practice as well as include EMDR in my work.



Individual Therapy




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The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

"Deborah is the perfect blend of science based classical psychology including, but not limited to, brush strokes of stardust mixed in. She is passionate about helping women let go of the binding societal pressures of perfectionism and helps women learn how to enjoy their successes and gifts of being innate goddesses! Deborah has a personal energy healer, practices Yoga Nidra and lets her inner “woo-woo” out to balance a stark clinical approach to counseling."

-Tessa Tovar
Outside the Studio Podcast

If you are ready to: 


Start enjoying life again

Achieve your goals

and live authentically…


Then let's chat!

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